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Alumni Reunion Series 2015

The third alumni reunion for the current year was organized on 10 October 2015. Mr Shahid Sattar (CEO & President Samba Bank) and Lahore School graduates (1996-2015) from the banking and financial sector attended. 

Dr Shahid Amjad Chaudhry, the Rector Lahore School of Economics and senior faculty including Dr Shakil Farooqi, Dr Azam Chaudhry, Dr Aamir Khan, Dr Farooq Chaudhry, Dr Kumail Rizvi, Dr Nawazaish Mirza  and Ms. Shumyla Chaudhry attended the occasion.

Mr Shahid Sattar highlighted the upcoming trends in the banking sector and later addressed various questions from the audience. The faculty was delighted to interact with the alumni - most of whom were at senior positions. The alumni shared their professional experiences and exchanged notes on future job prospects.


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Lahore School Finance and Investment Society Orientation’15

The Lahore School Finance and Investment Society (LSFIS) hosted orientation on 11 September 2015. The event was specifically aimed for freshmen students but was open to all irrespective of their Year or Degree. The main objective was to introduce the society to the freshmen, providing a platform for the students to learn more about the finance and investing world. The students were also informed of major past and upcoming events and activities that would help them develop practical skills and educate them about the workings of the financial world.

A game of Chinese whisper was conducted to break the ice and then Muhammad Bin Tariq, Former Vice President spoke about the past contributions. Hassan Sajjad, President of LSFIS introduced the society’s members and future agenda. Mahum Tofiq and Izza Sabahat also spoke about the future plans of the society. Dr. Shakil Faruqi, the Patron emphasized the need for students to have the understanding of the financial world to be successful in life. A small quiz was done to keep interest and gifts were handed out.
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Lahore School Character Building Society Orientation 2015

Lahore School Character Building Society held its first orientation on 11 September 2015. The orientation aimed at familiarizing students with the objectives of the society.

Tanya Qamar, the Vice President of the society, answered question such as ‘What the society is about?’ ‘What are we trying to achieve?’ and ‘How we would be doing it?’ Muhammad Beebrak Gurchani, the President of the society, assured people that our aim was not to act as a moral police but to aid students in recognizing their potential and being valued assets of the society.
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Consumer Behavior

Mr. Amin Piracha, Head of Insights at Nestle delivered a lecture on consumer behavior to the graduating MBA class. Mr. Piracha gave a very insightful presentation focusing mainly on youth as a consumer.

Mr. Piracha said that behavior and motivation were vital aspects of consumer behavior. He then discussed cognitive, affective and co native attitudes. The speaker said the nowadays companies were developing apps to come closer to the consumer. Mr. Piracha discussed digital marketing and its role with relevance to Nestle. He also talked about career choices and gave helpful advice to students regarding choosing a career path.


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Pre-requisites for corporate careers

Mr. Adeel Anwar, Director Organizational Excellence WaridTelecom, was invited to the Lahore School of Economics to deliver a lecture to the undergraduate fourth year class on 22 September, 2015

Mr. Adeel enlightened students on the pre-requisites for corporate careers and said one should have soft skills such as integrity, fair mindedness, persuasive and congenial personality, ability to cope with conflicting point of view, function under pressure and demonstrate discretion. While talking about hard skills he said core computer proficiency, high impact written and oral communication and incisive analytical skills were very important.
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Corruption, Tax Evasion and the Role of Wage Incentives with Endogenous Monitoring Technology

Offering public wage premium without deterring corruption is sub-optimal and the government can be better of either eliminating corruption by offering efficiency wages or accepting corruption by offering wages below the market wage, suggests the recent paper published in Economic Inquiry by Dr. Waqar Ahmed Wadho of Lahore School of Economics. Here is an abstract:

The importance of high salaries to circumvent bureaucratic corruption has been widely recognized in the policy debate. Yet, there appears to be much reluctance when it comes to the implementation. In this paper, we argue that deterring corruption through wage incentives may become prohibitively expensive that the government finds it optimal to accept higher net revenues at the expense of honesty. Deviating from the existing literature, we set an endogenous monitoring technology that allows us to capture the dual role of auditing, as a complement with and as a substitute for wage incentives to deter bribery. We find that the government is better-off either completely eliminating corruption or accepting corruption by offering wages lower than the market wage. Offering public wage premium that does not deter bribery is suboptimal. When it is optimal to deter bribery, the government can do it either through wage incentives or monitoring. The role of wage incentives decreases in societies with higher level of dishonesty.
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