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Rector Lahore School visits AIOU

Dr Shahid Amjad Chaudhry, Rector Lahore School of Economics visited AIOU, Islamabad. Dr Shahid Siddiqui, VC AIOU presented university shield to Dr Shahid Amjad Chaudhry.


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Lahore School Case Study Competition 2014

The Lahore School Management Society held their first case study competition titled “Lahore School Case Study Competition-2014” on November 29, 2014. The event was attended by more than 200 undergraduate and postgraduate students including the participating teams and members of Lahore School Management Society.

This competition was intellectually stimulating and created excitement both in the participating students and audience. This competition provided an out of the classroom setting where students had actively engaged in academically oriented interaction. the best part of the competition was the announcement of Cash Prizes and their distribution by the jury panel heads.


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South Asian Economics Students’ Meet

The 11th South Asian Economics Students’ Meet (SAESM) was held in Thimpu, Bhutan from December 23-26, 2014. Seven countries participated in the event with each having a 10 member delegation. Team Pakistan comprised of undergraduate students from LUMS and the Lahore School of Economics.

The students competed in three different events: Research Paper Submission and Presentation, Budding Economist Competition and Team Quiz Competition. Azeem Arslan Hassan, BSc IV (B) and President of the Lahore School Economics Society, presented a paper on the sub-theme “Trade Facilitation and Competitiveness in South Asia”, and won the “Best Paper Award.”
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Business Fiesta

The Entrepreneurial and Business society hosted its first workshop “Business Fiesta’14”at the Mahmood Chaudry Library (MCL) on November 27, 2014. The student officials and representatives of Lahore School Entrepreneurial and Business Society conducted this competition. The event was attended by more than 150 undergraduate and postgraduate students including faculty members (Prof F.A.Fareedy, Mr Saad Shahid, Mr Faizan Khalid, Mr Javed Qureshi, Mr Khalid Mansoor, Miss Rabia Sohail and Miss Atiqa.).

Four young entrepreneurs from Lahore (Mr.Amer Sarfraz, Partner and Vice president of Bramerz, Ms.Saba Sharjeal, Owner of The Mad Chef, Mr.Waqas Ali, Founder of Markhor and Mr.Qasim Zafar, Ceo of Savareeapp) were invited to talk to the audience and to give them an insight about the basics of entrepreneurship. These entrepreneurs included.
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Growth model fuels inequality

Khaleeq Kiani

According to a recent case study by Zunia Saif Tirmazee and Mariyiam Haroon of the Lahore School of Economics presented at a Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) seminar earlier this month, income distribution has been inequitable.

Pakistan has experienced tremendous economic growth over the last decade, but this did not reduce poverty and inequality. While discussing two indicators — efficiency and equity — the paper explained that efficiency required the overall improvement and equity required the improvement to be equitably distributed across various segments of the population.
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Declining Oil Prices Unlikely to Impact Remittances Flows

Declining oil price may not impact remittance flows as the major oil producers have built-up high foreign-exchange reserves to deal with such eventualities. This was stated by Dr. Ishrat Hussain, former Governor of the State Bank and currently Dean, IBA Karachi at the inauguration of the Centre on International Migration, Remittances and Diaspora (CIMRAD) at the Lahore School of Economics on Tuesday 2 December, 2014.

Dr. Hussain went on to say that while other parts of the world from Europe to Japan are seeing a declining population, Pakistan’s youthful population may be an asset to the world if properly invested in. He alluded to the faulty notion of a “brain drain” and instead in the new globalized economy it is in fact a “brain circulation” which pays dividends to both sending and receiving countries. He encouraged graduates to get experiences to become the best professionals they can be—including gaining international exposure. He stressed the need for further studies using new data bases, for example BISP Score Card to analyze the impact of remittances on poverty, education, and health care.
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AD-MAD 2014

The Lahore School Marketing Society held their first advertising workshop on November 20, 2014 at SBS Library. Conducted by Dr. Aamir Khan and facilitated by Saad Shahid, Aliya Bushra, and Komal Sultan, the event was attended by more than 200 undergraduates and graduates (it was compulsory for the students to attend who wanted to participate in the advertising competition to be held next month in February).

The advertising workshop ‘AD-MAD 2014’ was an interactive session which aimed to provide a platform for students to practice and hone their marketing and social skills. Dr. Aamir Khan, shed light on the fact that advertisements are made to instill repurchase behavior in consumers. The ads shown during the session were aimed to highlight key factors that impact how concepts of advertisements. He emphasized that the Ads are directed towards certain consumers, the specific target market and convey the message in a novel way. Positioning strategy is the most important aspect when designing advertisements for eg the cultural aspects have played an instrumental role in advertising products worldwide.

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Mr. Farrukh Rasheed, head of Human Resource at Hubpower, visited The Lahore School of Economics to impart the knowledge from his experience on leadership and answer the questions of the MBA class of the organizational behavior and leadership course. His talk was stimulating and engaging, receiving a great response from the students.

Farrukh Rasheed emphasized upon three questions that contribute to the heart of leadership: what is leadership, why it is important to learn about it and how to implement? The speaker also elaborated upon the concept of managing people and reinstated the importance of fairness. He said, "people care about the decisions you make, they care more about the process you used along the way."


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