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Structure and Functions of an Ad Agency and its link with the Client

Dr. Aamir Khan

Mr. Asad Rizvi, Executive Director, Orient Communications (Pvt) Let (ORIENTmMcCANN) delivered a lecture on “Structure and Functions of an Ad Agency and its link with the Client” to an MBA class of Brand and Advertising Management on June 6, 2014 at the Lahore School of Economics.

Asad in his very well-received presentation started off with a video and discussion of Integrated Advertising and linked it with the role of an Ad Agency. His most important point was that the ad making process was not “magic” but was based on the scientific method. The whole idea of making and running an ad was to “persuade” people to buy specific products and services. Ads led to the development of Brands, and a brand was more than a promise, and nothing less than commitment to customers that they would have a unique experience.
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Brands and Myths

Dr Aamir Khan

Mr. Arif Ijaz, one of the most senior speakers on the circuit of business management programs, and a regular visitor at the Lahore School, delivered a trade-mark provocative and value-adding lecture on “Brands and Myths” at the Lahore School on 17th of June 2014.

Mr. Arif spoke for over an hour on various “myths”, some true others not, associated with brands and at every step of the lecture challenged MBA participants to revise their received wisdom and textbook based knowledge. For example, he argued that there was a myth that a brand is developed by putting money into advertising. Not true, as there was much more than that, he asserted, including good governance inside the company. He also underlined that both B2B and B2C contexts had more in common in terms of branding – the Human to Human (H2H) element. In fact it was time for companies to think out of the box and use CSR as a tool for real and sustainable branding.
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Seminar on Business Policy

Lahore School of Economics organized a seminar on “Business Policy” for the graduating MBA II class at the Mahmood Chaudhry Library on June 12, 2014. Mr. Salman Wassay, CEO Wireless Life and Mr. Ahmad Hussnain, CEO of Allied Marketing were the two speakers.

Mr. Wassay talked about how to survive in the corporate world and make progress. He told the students that it was extremely important to identify and adjust in the corporate culture to be successful. He also talked about the opportunities for the female employees in the corporate world and gave tips as to how women could survive and be productive in a male dominant world. According to his belief, the role and performance of females was much higher than that of men. He told the MBA students that the corporate life was quite different from the student life where it is difficult to get a second chance if you miss first. He advised the students to be visible, indispensable, knowledgeable, and good at taking decisions according to the situation and scenario.
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Branding Pakistan

Mr. Shehzad Ahmed, the CEO FarighFour visited the Lahore School of Economics to deliver a lecture on “Brand Management and Advertising” to the graduating MBA class on Wednesday, June 10, 2014. Mr. Ahmed gave a very unique concept of brand.

Taking “Pakistan” as a brand, he started off his presentation by showing a video clip that took the audience on a journey through time. He compared two different versions of Pakistan; one being the Happy Pakistan and one being the Sad Pakistan. Different lost legends such as Mehdi Hassan Khan were discussed along with the lost glories and lost joys of Pakistan.
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Congratulation Lahore School

Lahore School of Economics scored highest percentage (86%) in NBEAC-HEC accreditation process. National Business Education Accreditation Council accredited the Lahore School for four years at its twelfth meeting in Islamabad on June 26, 2014. Earlier, NBEAC team visited the Lahore School on May 19-21, May 2014.

Here, Dr Shahid Amjad Chaudhry, the Rector Lahore School of Economics is receiving the accreditation certificate from Dr Mukhtar Ahmad, Chairman HEC and Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad, Chairman NBEAC-HEC.


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Farewell MBA 2014

Lahore School of Economics bid farewell to its graduating MBA class on June 22, 2014. The traditional evening was marked by captivating performances of Lahore School students at their best.

Students reminisced and cherished their time spent at the Lahore School. They showed videos made by each section, live music performances, ‘titles’ to everyone paying in addition to rich tributes to their teachers. Here are some of the glimpses of the event:
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Supply Chain Management

Mr. Nadeem Rehmani, Director Operations - METRO Cash & Carry, was invited to the Lahore School of Economics to deliver a lecture on “Supply Chain Management” to the graduating MBA class on June 12, 2014.

METRO group is a $44 billion company which is based in Germany and has managed to achieve this status in only 7 years. Its components include ‘Self-serving Stores’, ‘Consumer Electronic Stores’, ‘Hyperstar’ and ‘Department Stores’. Currently METRO is a part of the 50th largest fortune companies in the world. METRO is the 4th largest FMCG Company in Pakistan after Nestle, PepsiCo and Unilever.
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Operations Management

Mr. Zeeshan Feroze, Managing Director of Master Textiles currently heading the Processing Section was invited to the Lahore School of Economics to deliver a lecture on “Operations Management” to a class of BBA (Hons) 3rd year on June 11, 2014.

After an overview of the Company, Mr. Feroze talked about how they were following the “Forever Green” strategy where they adhere to different standards such as the Oeko-Tex 100 for Dyes and Chemicals, ISO 9001 for Documentation, ISO 14000 for Environment, SA 8000 for Social Accountability, GOTS for Organic Cotton, Fair Trade Cotton, BIO for Organic and Re-cycled Polyester. His customers included ZARA, NEXT, Original Marine, and Tema. According to Mr. Feroze, Master Textiles is the third largest consumer, third largest exporter of cotton and second largest supporter of cotton with 450 spinning units which are currently under operation.
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