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Impact Evaluation

The research fellows at the Center for Research in Economics and Business (CREB), Lahore School of Economics, presented their on-going projects at the ADB 3ie Conference on Making Impact Evaluation Matter held on September 3-5, 2014 in Manila, Philippines. With more than 400 participants and speakers, this was the first large scale, global impact evaluation conference in the region. Speakers for the plenary sessions and panel discussion included distinguished international figures from the field of impact evaluation and policy making. Conference sessions covered a range of topics and impact evaluations being conducted in the field of health, education, community development, governance, climate change, poverty alleviation and other aspects of social development. The conference was preceded by 2.5 days of pre-conference workshops on September 1-3, 2014.

Farah Said (Lahore School of Economics) presented the design of a study that is joint work with Mahreen Mahmud (University of Kent). The study is a Randomized Control Trial involving business loans provided to women in households where no female run enterprise exists currently. The study is being conducted in selected districts of Punjab, Pakistan in collaboration with Kashf, one of the largest private sector microfinance providers in the country and is expected to inform policy making by investing in a product that is targeted to draw new clients into their client pool.

Asha Gul (Lahore School of Economics) presented the design of the Randomized Control Trial being funded by the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) and is an academic collaboration with Hamna Ahmed (University of Kent), Kate Vyborny (Duke University) and Simon Quinn (University of Oxford). This study focuses on incentivizing development across almost 800 Third Tier Community-based Organizations spread across Pakistan by testing the impact of two sustainable measures the donor can take to engage with these organizations: (i) self-reporting and (ii) non-financial incentives. The Baseline Survey for this study is presently being undertaken and expected to be completed by October 2014.

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Research in Economics

Dr. Simon Quinn, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Oxford and Deputy Director of the Centre for the Study of African Economies at the University of Oxford, gave a lecture to the Lahore School Department of Economics on conducting research in economics and publishing research papers.

Dr. Quinn is collaborating on research with the Center for Research in Economics and Business (CREB) at the Lahore School of Economics and his research interests are in development economics, focusing on the role of firms.

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MPhil in Environmental Science and Policy

Admission to MPhil in Environmental Science and Policy is open in Lahore School of Economics. Students with BSc in Environmental Science (CGPA 3.00 and above) may apply at the admission office in City Campus. It should be noted that MPhil in Environmental Science and Policy is a full scholarship programme.

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Welcome Class 2018

The Lahore School of Economics and its Rector Dr Shahid Amjad Chaudry warmly welcome you to both the beautiful Burki campus and its thriving ambiance.

That you have made it to the Lahore School itself bears testimony to your potential as a high achiever. This is also evidence that you have set yourself a leadership goal and that you are willing to reach it. A degree, whether it is a BSc or a BBA or an MBA is a very valuable piece of paper that will stand you in good stead throughout your life. However, this degree, we at Lahore School insist, is also a platform and a passport which will give you an opportunity to do bigger things in life.

If you believe in the above, then you will find the Lahore School as much more than a beautiful campus – you will find here a large number of dedicated and highly qualified faculty willing to develop your potential. You will find here a set of libraries stocked with good books and enough space to let you work on your projects. You will find a peaceful and secure environment, especially for the female students, that will give you the space you deserve. We also have some of the best sports facilities here if you want to unwind. In short, you will get the intellectual, physical and moral space to develop your leadership potential. But only if you want to!

Let us be proud of you. And let yourself be proud of your own achievement. Make the Lahore School a better place with your presence. Make Pakistan a better country with your contribution.

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Lahore School Independence Day Celebrations

Lahore School celebrated 68th Independence Day of Pakistan with national spirit and fervor. Simple and dignified ceremony started in the lush green lawn in main campus of Lahore School with recitation from Holy Quran.

Dr Shahid Amjad Chaudhry, Rector Lahore School of Economics hoisted the flag and smartly turned out contingent of guards presented a salute. Addressing the enthralled audience, Dr Shahid Amjad threw light on the history of Pakistan and how he sees the bright future for the country.
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Independence Celebrations

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Award for Excellence in Research

Dr Mohammad Rafiq Khan, Professor of Environmental Sciences Lahore School of Economics was conferred Education Expo (TV) Award for Excellence in Research 2014. The award ceremony was held at Bell Hotel and Convention Center Bangalore Karnataka, India on June 21, 2014. Dr. Rafiq was also the choice out of the winners to give a talk on “Appropriate Technology and Sustainable Development: Solutions of the Problems of the Developing Countries.”

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Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques for Differential Equations arising in Economics, Finance and Natural Sciences

Dr. Rehana Naz organized a special session in 10th AIMS conference on “Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications” held in Spain Madrid from July 7 to July 11, 2014. Mariano Torrisi (University of Catania, Italy); Igor Leite Freire (UFABC, Brazil) and Imran Naeem (LUMS, Pakistan) were also part of organizing committee. Eminent mathematicians, physicists, statisticians and economists from all over the world attended this special session. Dr. Naz has presented a paper titled “The closed form solutions of some Economic growth models via partial Hamiltonian approach.” The abstracts of all papers presented in special session can be found here.

Differential equations are mathematically studied from several different perspectives; the special session “Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques for Differential Equations arising in Economics, Finance and Natural Sciences” focused on the Qualitative and Quantitative techniques (including numerical methods) for ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, fractional differential equations, difference equations, stochastic differential equations, integro-differential equations. The differential equations play a vital role in many disciplines from natural to social sciences. Most of physical laws in natural sciences are expressed in terms of differential equations. The Economists study dynamical systems of ordinary differential equations for sustainable Economic growth. Stochastic differential equations are the standard models for financial quantities important in financial market.
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