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The Special Edition of the Lahore Journal of Economics is now online. The Special Edition is a compilation of the papers presented at the Lahore School’s Tenth Annual Conference on the Management of the Pakistan Economy.

The key objective of the Lahore School’s Annual Conference is to help policy makers look at some of the critical issues that Pakistan needs to face if it is to achieve growth in the medium to long term and the theme of this year’s conference was ‘Pakistan in the Global Economy – Opportunities and Challenges’. What made the conference unique was that many of these issues have not been discussed and debated thoroughly before in the Pakistani context. Some of the highlights of the conference were Asma Khalid’s (from the State Bank of Pakistan) extremely insightful analysis of the parallel foreign exchange market in Pakistan (which has not been analyzed in depth before) as well as the call by many of the presenters for a well-formulated industrial policy in Pakistan.

Similarly, the conference also focused on some key export sectors (such as garments) as well as strategies for improving Pakistan’s export competitiveness and diversifying exports.

Finally, some of the participants noted that in a rush to access new markets, Pakistan must tread carefully when agreeing to trade agreements with potentially large trading partners. As Pakistani policy makers sit and decide on economic strategies, it is absolutely critical that they pay very close attention to these issues.

The papers can be downloaded in their entirety here

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Rifah Qadri

Ms. Rifah Qadri, Class of 2006, Senior Manager Advertising at Metro Cash n Carry visited Lahore School on September 25, 2014 and delivered a lecture. The guest talked about planning and then executing a marketing strategy involved in moving a good or service from producer to consumer. She informed the students that Retail has an industry of $5.5 million around the world. Ms. Qadri said that other than four conventional “Ps” of marketing two additional Ps play a very significant role in Retail business i.e. presentation and personnel. She shared a video in the session to explain the four Marketing “Ps” in Metro. Ms. Rifah also talked about emerging trends in the field of Marketing. She predicted that in coming years the concept of Mobile Wallet will continue and technology will be integrated more into Retail business. She further added that social Media would play a major role in decision making for buying products and Retailers would reinvent their loyalty programmes in the coming years.


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Ahmed Naseem

Mr. Ahmed Naseem working at KASB Bank, was invited to the Lahore School to give a talk to the students of BBA (II) on September 13, 2014. His talk mainly focused on how to choose a career. He applauded the performance of Lahore School Alumni working in various roles in top notch organizations. This has resulted in strong demand for Lahore School graduates in job market. He advised the students not to value money when they start looking for a job. Instead they should always consider applying to an organization which is growing. Employees can only grow and develop if the organization grows.

The guest emphasized on the need of gaining practical training by doing internships during Bachelors before applying for a job and asked the students to keep their eyes open and look for opportunities. Mr. Naseem also mentioned that the students should stay in a close contact with their faculty as he believed that the teachers at the Lahore School would always be willing to guide and mentor their students and would love to see them successful. The speaker advised the students to always appear for a job interview even after getting hired as it would polish their communication skills and build more self confidence in them.
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Zaid Nomani

Zaid Nomani( Class of 2013), Manager Global Customers, Abu Dawood Pakistan, visited the Lahore School on September 17, 2014 and gave a lecture on communication skills to the students of BBA (I) in the SBS Library. He was accompanied by his wife who is also a graduate of 2013 and is working at the Oxford Press. Mr. Nomani introduced himself and shared his student life experiences with the audience. His throughout focus was on the importance of effective communication skills and the role communication plays in a professional life. Mr. Nomani told students that renowned companies like P&G, Unilever and Nestle always prefer hiring people with excellent communication skills and high confidence level. He also mentioned that it did not matter which language you use but you should have a complete command on it. He shared different examples of leaders and public figures with the students and emphasized on the importance of body language and expressions.


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Waqas Arshad

On September 16, 2014, an alumnus, Mr. Waqas Arshad was invited to a session conducted for BBA (I) in SBS Library. Mr. Waqas Arshad, Class of 2012, is the Co-founder of Nexus Educations Solutions and Trainings, Takhti, a company that produces and sells paper products and Rah-e-Mashal, an NGO that operates to help under privileged women and children.

Waqas Arshad shared his experience of getting into and then studying at the Lahore School. He talked to the students about what is entrepreneurship, who are entrepreneurs and what is the difference between entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. He also explained that why did he decide to work for a social change.


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Umar Khan

Mr. Umar Khan (Class of 2011), working as Trade Manager at British American Tobacco, was invited to deliver a lecture on Fundamentals of marketing to the students of BBA (II) on the September 18, 2014. Mr. Umar Khan told the students that marketing was making customers aware of the value a product carries. He told the students what order qualifiers and order winners were. He explained different components of marketing including strategy, advertising, branding and product research. Mr. Umar also talked about digital marketing and threw some light on how it could be done through Websites/ Social Media/ Pop ups/Apps. The speaker explained the difference between branding and advertising and enlightened the students about ATL and BTL. He also gave an overview of media planning. At the end the speaker urged the students to make their lives challenging.


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Mustafa Hussain

Mr. Mustafa Hussain, Class of 2008, conducted a session with the students of BBA (II) on September 19, 2014. Mr. Mustafa has an experience of working in MCB. Then he joined AC Nielsen as Senior Research Executive and is now hired as a Consultant at Enclude Ltd. He first enlightened the students on different products and services of a Bank. Mr. Hussain talked about the functions of a market research firm and defined what role does it play to find solutions to a number of marketing challenges faced by various organizations. Then he talked about choosing market research as a career. He conducted an activity with the class to make them understand the concept of market research.


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Salman Khan

Mr. Salman Khan, Class of 2006, Branding and Business Development Consultant at Adalta Professional Services conducted an interactive session with the students of BBA II on September 22, 2014. According to him Marketing was an art of choosing target markets and then getting, retaining and growing customers through creating and delivering superior customer value. He further explained how to define a target market on the basis of Socio Economic Class, Psychographics and Geographic. The speaker shared his experience of working first with Nirala, then Haleeb foods and finally with Adam Foods as a Marketing Manager and talked about the marketing processes. He explained to the students the challenges he had to face throughout his marketing career. He said that for a marketeer the key to success was to come up with innovative and challenging ideas and thinking out of the box. Mr. Khan advised the student that whenever they encounter any problem in their professional careers, they should always understand the situation and then device a solution for it.


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